Welcome to my photography website!

Feel free to browse the galleries using the photo album category links below or by clicking on or hovering over a photo category from the ‘Photo Albums’ and selecting from the drop down list above.

If you would like to purchase any of the photos from the galleries please follow the instructions below:

  1. Browse the photo albums and once you have find a photo you would like to purchase.
  2. Make note of the product code displayed when hovering over an image or below an image when clicked on (e.g product code: Astro_006)
  3. Head to the purchase page using the purchase tab in the menu above.
    From here select your canvas orientation to view the available sizes for order (e.g Canvas Prints Landscape)
  4. The next page displays the various sizes and prices. Select the size that you would like for more information. From here select your noted product code from the product code drop down list (the image will change to show an example of your selected image on the canvas).
  5. Select the quantity you would like to purchase and select ‘Add to cart’. Confirmation of the added item to your cart will display and you can choose to view cart or to carry on shopping.
  6. When happy select ‘view cart’ or select cart from the main menu bar. From here you can view your added items and adjust quantities, and see your total item cost. If you want to go ahead with your purchase select proceed to checkout and follow the on page instructions.